Nice Software

Nicey provides state of the art software and support for the financial and lending industries.

We are a full service IT consulting practice with a massive library of software solutions, fantastic, professional people who plan and apply them, and the experience to navigate the pitfalls.

We provide project solutions including consulting, systems integration and management. To help you identify areas we can assist you, we provide operations management, especially software management, business process and systems analysis. When you need a little help, our support and training is first class.

Industries of Specialty

Over the years we have been involved with satellite content delivery, shipping logistics, cell-phone network protocols, call center solutions (we run many of these), mortgage and lender solutions, staffing, and human resource projects.

However, we tend to specialize in the financial industries such as payment processing, billing, warehousing/fulfillment, risk management, customer management and banking.

We license existing software for all these industries, and extend and support it where appropriate on an as needed basis. Our management and development teams provide custom solutions from existing, proprietary and open source components which work to get your problems solved efficiently and quickly for you.

Flagship Products

We produce a lot of software, most of which is based upon, or directly supports our main product lines, which includes:

Nicey Enterprise System

This system is a full featured billing, payment processing, customer management, subscription management, traffic management, IPSP management (and many other managements too) platform. Serious enterprise software for companies with complex billing needs and it's associated nightmares. - Read more.

AuthIT Coming soon...

AuthIT is the latest software as a service solution from Nicey. It's a service we run and maintain ourselves with private label opportunities. Our software provides state of the art transaction processing and subscription management at a reasonable entry level rate. - Read more.