Customer Service

No enterprise engine of this sort would be complete without a fully featured customer service interface, so that you can look after the customers you've spent so much effort getting. NES supports multiple options for servicing and also has a rich API so that other customer service software can be integrated easily.

Self Service

One of the more powerful service options is the self service interface. This allows your customers to login to a secure website and preview their purchases and status 24/7. You may set policies that allow customers to cancel or modify their own accounts, or you can quickly direct them to an agent most appropriate for their needs. Nicey also provides IVR (telephone) technology that allows customers to manage their accounts in a similar way using a touch tone telephone. Again, quick routing to an appropriate agent if required is simple to setup.

Flexible APIs

NES exposes all of it's customer service internals via a set of rich XML APIs. This easily enables companies to connect to the customer's records via any of their existing systems including almost any phone system.