Key Features

Full IPSP Support

This isn't software to manage your merchant account. This is software to manage thousands of your clients' access to both you and your client's merchant accounts. You can cascade merchant accounts, you can put them in pools and assign merchant account by plug-in algorithms. You can assign merchant accounts in any currency by any filter (eg. Geo location). We have a built in compliance system that meets card industry needs. - Read More

Payment Types

NES supports any payment type you care to configure or plug-into it. Standard types are credit cards, online checks and phone billing. We have plug-ins available for storage card systems and many other forms of payment. - Read More

Serious Scrubbing

As early as 1998 we were forced to innovate fraud mitigation technologies for our own IPSP. Standard included technologies include a rule-set filter which looks at all parts of the transaction before and after authorization. We dig into transaction velocity, geo-location, and issuer returned data (cvv and avs). We can quickly port-scan a customer's machine to detect proxies and other compromises. We examine and balance almost every piece of information a customer exposes when they purchase. For customers who need a little extra, we offer a more complex neural (learning) filter that works better on high rate clients and is highly adaptive. - Read More

Extremely Configurable

All pages are fully template driven in a unique hierarchical system. All code is XHTML and CSS based, so you can change the appearance of the entire site from one or two files. We also allow admins and clients to upload via the web interface templates and images and other resources which can be used in pay-pages (or anywhere). You can use any database you like, on any OS you like with a Java platform. You can hot-plug just about any part of the system live and make it do whatever you like. - Read More

It's All Live

All data and reports are calculated live. Depending on your database's support for certain features, pretty much everything is instant and immediately available in reports. Click tracking, scrubbing, processing, reports, customer service. Everything is live. - Read More

Customer Service

All CS systems are built right in. We provide web interfaces for your customers to do much of the work on their own, and we also provide comprehensive interfaces for customer service reps to finish the job. Everything is fully permission based, and an email interface is built right into the software, so your CS reps. can just login and get started. - Read More

Too Many Features to List

But here's a good start...