Technical Information

For those of you with a technical background who may be looking for more information about the technology and deployment basics, you should find the following useful.

100% Java™ Software

The NES engine is a Java web application, designed to be deployed in a web container such as Apache Tomcat. As such, it can run on any operating system that provides a Java certified runtime to at least version 5(1.5). We usually recommend running a webserver such as Apache httpd in front of the container, but that's up to you. We have successful deployments running on everything from Windows and Linux, to cellphones.

Abstract Database Middleware

NES doesn't contain a single line of SQL anywhere, it uses Hibernate software to communicate with the database. Simply configure the software with the appropriate drivers for your database, inform it of the correct dialect, and you're good to go.

Preferred Databases

We develop and test primarily on MySQL(InnoDB) and PostgreSQL, these are both solid and reliable, open source, and well understood. We also deploy against Oracle™ for those enterprises who require certain advanced features.


In order to scale a NES install you may load balance multiple front end web-servers. There is no session information stored locally, it's all done with cookies. This makes front end load balancing trivial. As you grow the front end cluster, you'll also be increasing the capacity of the database server by adding lots of memory and lots of very fast hard drives. With modern hardware being what it is, you can scale the database to handle hundreds of financial transactions per second. Once you have this problem, and it's a good problem to have, we will happily discuss with you your database clustering options.


All configuration is done as a logged in administrator via the secure web interface of the engine. The only parameters not configured this way are those essential for the engine to be able to start and find it's database. This is stored in the web application context and is easily setup by modifying some simple XML.